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1 Rental Pricing
1.1 What are your rental prices?

Rental Prices

*$2 fee will be charged for sandy returns*


             Rental Item

         Hourly Rental Price

   *3 hours max, then pay daily*

          Daily Rental Price 

 *3 days max, then pay weekly*

  • Surfboard Rental
                  $12.99                        $42 
  • Premium Surfboard Rental (Poly Boards / Hybrid Soft Tops)


  • Wetsuit Rental
                   $5.99                        $15
  • Swim Fin Rental
                   $4.50                       $15
  • Bodyboard Rental
                   $5.99                       $15
  • Speaker Rental
                   $3.99                       $10
  • Wetsuit Booties Rental
                   $2.50                       $7
  • Beach Towel Rental
                   $2.50                       $7
1.2 What happens if I break or damage a rental board?

Renters are liable for ANY AND ALL DAMAGES to the rental equipment, per our waiver, and a team member will assess damage upon return of the rental item, and charge an appropriate repair or replacement fee (replacement fee will match cost of goods damaged). Crew members may waive repair / damages fee if pre-existing damage was noted upon checkout. 

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